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Barbara McClintock Research paper

introduce the major stages of her life, explain her significance and highlight the reasons why you consider her a major figure in history. It is important that you go beyond simply listing facts from your sources; you must make the material your own by commenting on, evaluating, and explaining the facts. 

In other words,
Please DO NOT: 
- attempt to give a complete overview of the person's life from cradle to grave;
- simply copy facts and data from your research sources.
If your paper offers mainly the above, it will receive a very low score!!!

Please DO:
- present YOUR OWN portrait of the person. Make clear what achievements of the person YOU value most;
- do this by selecting specific details then explain and evaluate their significance in general as well as for yourself.
If your essay presents a portrait of the person that only you could have written because it reflects your own interests and insights, that paper will receive a high score!

This is a research assignment so you must use minimum 3 quality, reliable research sources. At least 1 of your main sources must come from a database! There is a library workshop scheduled for week 8 when you'll be able to work with a librarian to locate useful sources for the paper.  If you are using sources that are not from a database, you are fully responsible for evaluating these sources for credibility. Sources that reveal no author should NEVER be used. Please do NOT useWikipedia (for this very reason). If you are using google when searching for sources, stick to the educational and serious professional websites. The quality of your sources will be a part of your grade.

Make sure to avoid plagiarism (that results in immediate failure of the course) by following the MLA guidelines on documenting sources. The mandatory MLA workshop scheduled for week 3 includes all the necessary information.

Required length of paper: 800 - 1000 words. Please make sure to meet the minimum 800 words word count.


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