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Discussion question 1


New Product Introduction.  Please respond to the following:
  • Think about a new product that has recently been introduced to the marketplace, or of which you have just become aware. This product has probably been presented to the public by a combination of public relations, marketing, and advertising. Explain in detail how each of these tools was used to provide information to get consumers interested in the product.
  • For the product you chose for the previous question, choose one traditional integrated marketing method and one 21st-century integrated marketing method that you believe would be most effective for marketing this product. Justify your choices.

Discussion question 2

Developing Successful Websites.  Please respond to the following:

  • “Developing a Winning Website” in Chapter 8 discusses a number of strategic questions to answer while developing successful Websites. For the Website you chose in the e-Activity, identify and describe how these strategic questions were addressed when developing a Website.
  • Many businesses are taking advantage of social networks to reach customers. Choose a company that you admire. This may be the same company you discussed in the previous topic, or it may be a different company. Describe how the company is currently taking advantage of social media outlets. Explain in detail how and why you think this use of social media is either helping or hurting the company.


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