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  SUMMARY Choose one of the works in the choice list that follows. You will compare and/or contrast this given work to at least two other objects: one of your choosing from the ancient galleries in the museum and another from your textbook. You may include another object from either the museum or your textbook, but limit your paper to no more than four objects total. Be sure to identify and clearly describe each of these works in relation to the given work. Select objects that you think have enough similarities and/or differences to discuss in a meaningful analysis in which you consider materials, composition, technique, style, subject, and whether they are typical or atypical of their time and place of manufacture. Please consult your instructor when you make your selection.

GOALS This paper is an exercise in close-looking and careful writing. It is intended to develop your visual analysis and descriptive skills while applying the knowledge you have acquired in this course to other objects. It requires a direct and personal engagement with art that goes beyond the simulated experiences in class where we study projected, reproduced images that often fail to express the full effect of a work when viewed in-person. A focused and sustained engagement with the works of art will slowly reveal to you the efforts employed to transform raw materials into a work of art.

FORMAT AND EVALUATION Your paper should be structured with an introduction, body section, and conclusion. Your introduction must contain a thesis statement that posits a thoughtful connection between the selected works and lays out in brief the roadmap for your discussion to follow. In the body section, discuss the similarities and differences among the works by explaining your close observations as vividly, eloquently, and concisely as you can. Include images of each work. Draw a meaningful conclusion based upon your analysis and your thesis statement. Remember to craft a thoughtful title for your paper. Your paper will be evaluated upon the quality of your organization, content, and prose.

THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER There is no expectation nor need for students to seek additional sources beyond the works of art themselves. You are encouraged to use the vocabulary of visual analysis that we have employed in class and which can be referenced in Gardner’s Art Through the Ages. Museum wall labels often provide an interpretative summary of the works, but use them sparingly and be sure to cite any information taken from them in your paper. Also, be sure to cite your textbook when necessary.

GRADING POLICY This assignment counts for 25% of your class grade as indicated in the syllabus. Late papers without a valid medical excuse will not be accepted. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Please submit your own work in your own words.

MUSEUM INFO Remember your Student ID for free admission!
The Museum of Fine Arts is located at 465 Huntington Ave and is accessible by T. Open Mon. and Tues., 10:00-4:45; Wed. to Fri., 10:00-9:45; Sat. and Sun., 10:00-4:45.

LENGTH 4-5 page limit (about 1000-1250 words), typed, double-spaced Do Not exceed the page limit

DUE Saturday, December 3, hard copy in class & emailed to Please attach your MFA ticket stub with your paper


Ancient and Medieval Art MUSEUM PAPER Oct. 22, 2016 CHOICES All works are on view in the Museum of Fine Arts in the gallery as noted.

Choice 1

King Menkaura, the goddess Hathor, and the deified Hare nome, from Menkaura Valley Temple, Giza, Egypt
2490–2472 BCE

Accession Number: 09.200
ON VIEW: George D. and Margo Behrakis Gallery (Gallery 207)

Choice 2

Relief of a winged genius, from Ashurnasirpal II’s Northwest Palace, Nimrud (ancient Kalhu), Iraq 883–859 BCE
Accession Number: 35.731

ON VIEW: Egyptian Funerary Arts Gallery (Mummies) (Gallery 109)

Choice 3

Herakles driving a bull to sacrifice

Andokides Painter and Lysippides Painter Bilingual amphora
ca. 525–520 BCE
Accession Number: 99.538

ON VIEW: Greek Archaic Gallery (Gallery 113)

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