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Hypothesis Research Paper for Psychology Research course

You do not have to do an experiment, but need to do some other aspects of the research paper (title page , introduction, and reference page). You will be doing everything except conducting the experiment. Your introduction should only be about 2-3 pages, which means your paper will include a title page (1 page), an introduction (2-3 pages) and a reference page (1 page). The entire paper should be around 8-10 pages. title should also be header in upper right corner of every pages only using one to two words.
   At least 3 references from primary sources; these should be the three or so you turned in for your reference page assignment. Your entire paper MUST be in APA format, which includes a title page, introduction, and a reference page. These are the only three sections that you will be including in your paper. Do not use any personal pronouns (i.e., you, we, our, I, my, etc.). Do not use contractions (i.e., can’t, don’t, etc.  Instead use cannot, do not, etc.) You can only use 12-point font size and Times New Roman font style. There should be a one-inch margin on all sides, double-spaced. The whole, entire paper should be double-spaced. 
   So far I have no title, need title

Hypothesis that I started with: Adding healthy choices to fast food restaurant menus have helped decrease obesity.

Possible thesis statement: Restaurants are using better oils for healthy choices

Below is references I submitted






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