Project #158005 - BUAD 309

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2016 08:00 pm

This paper is a term paper for BUAD 309 course, and please use APA form, and it should include 4 outside sources. 

Each student will complete a reflection paper of 8 fully typed double spaced pages (font 12) on a relevant topic of your choice. The topic should be connected to your experiences in class, on campus, work situations, etc. and should be detailed in the paper.  Four different outside references are required and a full bibliography is expected and should not be counted as part of the 8 pages.


Grade for this paper is based on the individual’s understanding of the topic and how well it’s communicated in the paper. Considerations include: 1) clarity of content 2) effectiveness of writing mechanics 3) depth of insight and reflection 4) inclusion of experiences to emphasize key points (can be personal or professional).




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