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An emergency department physician in a hospital in another city is calling to request information to assist in diagnosing and treating a patient that came into the hospital alone. The patient's driver's license reveals that he lives in your town. The physician wants to know whether this patient has ever been treated at your acute care hospital and, if so, whether the patient has any significant health problems and/or allergies. The patient's current condition is critical with unknown multiple injuries from a motor vehicle accident.

List the steps you would take to respond to this request and to protect the patient's privacy.

After finding that this patient has previously been admitted to your acute care facility upon reviewing patient records, you come to find that he or she is HIV positive. This fact will be of great importance to the above doctor to who is requesting information.

How might this alter your response from above? List the specific steps you would take in this particular situation. How might a code of ethics come into play in this type of situation?

You may need to perform additional research beyond your textbook to address a one or more of these questions. If you use outside resources, other than your textbook, to support your positions, please be sure to cite your source(s) and list the URL(s) as applicable. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.


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