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Write 3 paragraphs for each topic.

Topics for week 1
    1.    “Did You Know That About ________”
    2.    What if you were switched at Birth?
    3.    Have you ever done wrong for the right reason?
    4.    If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?  Wish wisely.
    5.    What if you were on your way to work or school and you found a million dollars?
Topics for week 2
   1.   Should parents be charged if their children commit a crime?
    2.    Should parents turn in their children if they commit a crime?
    3.    Should There Be a Daycare Centers for Middle and High School Students Who Have Children?
    4.    In your opinion, which is better in dealing with people, equality or equity? (Equality means to treat everyone exactly the same,             while equity means to treat everyone fairly.) (Your critical thinking skills will really be put to the test with this one.)                                
    5.    If your were stranded on an island...  
(i.e. What would you need to survive? Who would you want to be stranded with you?  etc...)


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