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Healthcare Information Technologies 



The current trend towards computerizing the healthcare industry through interoperable electronic health records (EHR) is creating very exciting opportunities for IT and business professionals in a diverse range of organizations including hospitals, IT firms (EHR vendors), government departments and health funds. This course is designed to introduce students to the various aspects of information management in healthcare organizations. Students will also gain a solid understating of the healthcare field and how advanced information technologies can be used to reduce costs and improve the healthcare system overall. At the same time, the course focuses on unintended consequences resulting from deployment of advanced technologies in the healthcare filed including user responses and usability considerations. Privacy and security laws in HIPAA will also be discussed.



1-At our first meeting on Friday night prepare and present a short PowerPoint presentation about yourself:

         -  Tell us about yourself

         my name 


        my experience: 

         - i used to work at company for two years as safety engineering in two different city. 

        - I used to work at bank as security servece for two years.

      - I used to work as accountant at supermarket for 6 months   

     - I used to work at the ministry of education as customer service (save their information at wherehouse (database)) 6 months

now I have full scholarship  

my background computer engineering (bachelor)

         and now I am doing master of computer engineering

last term


         2-  Elaborate on your Healthcare personal and/or professional experiences

         3-  This class places a strong emphasis on the Healthcare system in the United States of America... so tell us what are your expectations of this class

                 4 -  If you are familiar with a different Healthcare System, kindly share information on that system with the rest of the class. Pay attention to how services are paid for in the Healthcare system that you are familiar with. 


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