Project #158032 - Data Analysis and Results

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/06/2016 12:00 am

*Please read carefully and entirely.

For this assignment, you will again be assuming your role as an Assistant Market Researcher at On the Edge Advertising and will be working to develop a Market Research Plan. You may also use the Course Information Packet, which has been provided with background information on clients. Outside research and data collection are required.

You will expand on your Week 3 data findings (file 2) and will conduct your data analysis.

This week, you will:  

  • Review your objectives and prior research and write a clear hypothesis and null hypothesis.
  • Create a graph or a chart for each question
  • Provide a summary of your findings, including the three data sort tables and all graphs and charts that were created, with an explanation of all findings.
  • Include a discussion of the data findings and whether the hypothesis or the null hypothesis can be validated.
  • Add the data analysis and results portion to the Market Research Plan, making any changes to the sections from the prior week's submissions and leaving the other sections blank.


  • Your new research, analysis, and discussion should be 500–750 words in length.
  • Use proper MLA formatting.


See Further Instructions

Copy and paste the outline below in its entirety. Do not shorten or abbreviate.  Using class formatting, respond to each question/bullet point.  Cite sources both intext and in a reference section.  All sources in the reference section should be reflected in the body of the assignment (intext) and vice versa

  • Market Research Plan (Submit the revised sections of W1 A3, W2 A2, W3 A2.) -> (File 1) 
  • Summarize W3 Data Findings (File 2)
  • Review your objectives and  survey questions.  Write a clear hypothesis and null hypothesis based on survey question responses.  Remember the central question/problem statement for the client.  Adorable Annie should be related to having online shopping, OR more advertising.  Easy Peasy hypothesis statement should consider expansion to other parts of the country. 
  • Create a graph or a chart for each survey question.  
  • In this section you will provide specific results of each of the survey questions. Each question should have its own chart or graph
    1) Post the chart (see the tutorial)
    2) Write a brief QUANTITATIVE statement for each question,
    For example the average score was 3.6 indicating that respondents overall were between neither agree/disagree and agree.  The greatest majority, 40% strongly agreed however.
    Follow with QUALITATIVE information.  Copy and paste comments each respondent included in the "Explain" section of the question.  For example:
    Question 1
    R1 " I do not have time for training"
    R7 " The trainers are from outside the company and do not understand our jobs"

    Charts and graphs should be clearly labeled with percentages on each segment, a legend etc.  For consistency, keep the same color for strongly agree et. al, for each chart.  Use five different colors (don't have two shades of blue for instance).

  • Provide a collective summary of your findings, Include a discussion of the data findings and whether the hypothesis or the null hypothesis can be validated.
  • Attach the Excel spreadsheet.


out of 1971 reviews

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