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I am in a group project with a few other students. We have an assignement in which we need to write about a topic of history, and in the essay explain why this topic is important. The trick is that this essay is written in a format in which we are supposed to pitch it as a movie idea. Each person will explain their "scene" in a paragraph and also show why it is important. This is a short assignment only 240 words. Also, would like someone who is normally available, just in case of any updates or changes. ONLY USE DECLARATION OF SENTIMENTS DOCUMENT I UPLOADED

Synopsis of Movie/Play:

Young, idealistic, enthusiastic, naive, white woman, 18 years old, leaves home to work in a mill in the North of the US to send home more money to her family. At the mills, she realizes that the changes and opportunities were not the reality that she experienced.  She makes a friend, roommate who later dies. Although living in the mills proved to be quite harsh, this friendship blossomed. Emma teaches Abigail how to work in the mills, teaching her how to use machinery and survive the harsh conditions. After a few months of Abigail working in the factory, she begins to hear whispers about how women have began to fall ill due to poor conditions. At first she thinks nothing of it, but then her best friend (and roommate) Emma falls Ill.  Since Emma did not receive proper medical care ,she died. The death of Emma deeply impacted Abigail and caused her to finally speak up for better conditions for the workers of the mill. She becomes the voice of the female workers .

My part: towards the end of the scene where the character "Abigail" unifies the women which later leads to the Declaration of Sentiments


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