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Please find the instruction of the paper listed below. In the instructions, you will find that this essay has to be built on two previous papers I have done (research proposal and annotated bibliography). I will be attaching those two documents so you can be able to refer to them while writing this paper.





Persuasive Paper Guidelines



For your informative speeches you were asked to research the background and main arguments/debates of others that surround your social justice topic.  Your topic proposal and annotated bibliography asked to focus your research and narrow your scope to help you form your stance and your argument about the topic.  Now you will synthesize those two elements.


In other words:  Your final persuasive research paper builds on your research proposal and your annotated bibliography. At this point, you are being asked to join the conversation of your topic, and in doing so, you will take a clear stance on your central research question. Your oppositional audience is composed of your classmates, and you are attempting to persuade them to think your stance is valid, thoughtfully composed, and well supported. 


Your final paper will be 5-6 pages and include an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a Works Cited page. Please use MLA. 


The following criteria will be used to evaluate your paper:


1) Does the introduction introduce the reader to the issue in a clear and accurate way? Does the introduction make clear any relevant background or contextual information, and make clear the ‘stakes’ involved in this issue? Is there a clear, central thesis that relates to the framing of the topic in the introduction? 


2) Are the body paragraphs thoughtfully composed so that the reader can follow the author’s logic? Is there a topic sentence that introduces the reader to the idea of the body paragraph? Is there a clear explanation of the opposing viewpoint and the opposing viewpoint’s evidence? 


3) Do the body paragraphs include appropriate, and persuasive, evidence that encourage the reader’s acceptance of the thesis? 


4) Are the body paragraphs intentionally organized in a manner that supports and reinforces the thesis?  Are the transitions between paragraphs logical and smooth?


5) Does the conclusion make clear the author’s stance on the issue, and also examine their stance in relation to the stakes? Does the conclusion leave the reader with something more to ponder? Compel the reader to act?


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