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4 short questions to answer, no format needed and no need to cite your work. each answer needs to be at least 100 words each. all that is needed is to state if you agree and add a bit more on.



One way a person can teach by example, according this week’s reading, would be to “make a deliberate effort to enhance the conditions and contexts that promote learning from example by establishing, say, an appropriate connection with the student” (McEwan, 2011, pg. 510). In other words, we need to establish great relationships with our students. Making the student feel comfortable is a great way to establish a great connection with your students. It is always nice to have a safe environment to where the student can come to learn and play so that they can establish trust with their teacher. I do this every day in my current job as a preschool teacher. I am able to locate every child and tell them “hello” with their names and all. I also know personal things about all of my students and I make a point to go out of my way to make sure I have a few minutes of time alone with that child, even if it is just helping them play in the dress up center or on the computer for a little while. 

Another way a person can teach by example would be by “showing others to be a good practitioner or a good person” (McEwan, 2011, pg. 510). In other words, we should lead by example. I can teach someone how to be a great teacher by doing what I do daily in a classroom setting while they are there. Like McEwan notes in the text, “others are inclined to follow the model we set, thought then need not follow our example exactly in order to learn from our example” (2011, pg. 510). If we are able to show that we are able to do our jobs, or even our school work, with a nice attitude and a pleasant demeanor, then our students will be able to learn from us even if the situation or scenarios is not exactly the same. I do this in my preschool by making sure my words are nice at all times. Showing the children that it is nice to be nice is easily done when they hear my words being nice all day long. When I do not hit, scream, or be negative toward them and their peers, it shows them that the task I am asking them to do is not so hard by demonstrating it to them. 

The last example I will use from this week’s readings to teach by example will be, teaching by showing our students, “teachers need not be perfect” (McEwan, 2011, pg. 511). I think it is very important to show students that even a teacher can make a mistake, and that is alright. If we hold our students to too high standards, it can get them to a point where they do not want to try because they are too afraid to mess up. While learning, we should want to see our students mess up because if they do not, then there is no teachable moments for improvements. 

“Teaching by example” influences the development of ethical and moral reasoning as well as cultural sensitivity and awareness because we are teaching this to our students. We are showing our students of what character they should be. We are showing our students how we should be aware of cultural sensitivity as well. If we are able to show our students how to be acceptable of all things and maintain a positive attitude in and outside the classroom, we are helping to shape nice and sensible adults. 

After reading this week’s readings, I believe I do agree with Rousseau’s philosophy of education as it applies to my experience in gaining knowledge. Firstly, even McEwan notes that what Rousseau says is up for “interpretatation” (2011, pg. 513). “Rousseau is undoubtedly critical of the power of social convention in shaping behavior, values, and perspectives” (McEwan, 2011, pg. 513). He even goes on to write about a well-known Bible verse Romans 8:28 by paraphrasing, “everything is good when it comes forth from God’s hands, everything degenerates in man’s hands’” (McEwan, 2011, pg. 513). In other words, he obviously does believe that teaching by example is true and can be done. Having to show our students what to do is far more effective than telling them sometimes, especially depending on the situation. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my post and I hope you all have a safe weekend. 


The Article, A portrait of the teacher as a friend and artist: The example of Jean-Jacques Rousseau connects with students by teaching by example by connecting as an individual. When you build connection with a student you are showing them they can trust you. They feel safe sharing things with them whether it's personal or school related this is how you promote a positive learning environment. Not only does it help you but the person because you have to have trust in order to build a relationship in order for that person to be able to open up and learn by example by showing " character, skills, manners and style"( McEwan, 2011). When you lead by example it helps people,or students to become motivated to where they are comfortable and enjoy learning.

Personal Example, A personal Example of teaching by Example is when I taught 3-5 years old in a preschool setting. Coming in as a new teacher when it was time for group time there was this Lil boy who would interrupt the class when it was learning time I sat back and let the kids set the tone. I worked off them until one day I decided to let the Lil boy who was disrupting the class lead. When I read the story he held the book and turned the pages this got him interested in story time he began answering the question that i would ask the class. I had to build that trust with him so that he would be able to open up so that I could teach by example. It only took me two weeks to get him connected with me so that he can build that trust and open up to where he was comfortable to be able to sit and learn with out interrupting others.He was so excited to be able to sit at group time without being sent away my motivation and praising him encouraged him to be the person he is today.

Explain how "teaching by Example" influence the development  of ethical and moral reasoning as well as cultural sensitivity awareness.
Teaching by Example is how we learn to act in social and cultural because of your family values and morals that where instilled in you at a young age. That has taught you how to create identity and how to act at any given time or situation.

"Rousseau catergorical denies the educational power of example( p.513). Explain your agreement or disagreement Rousseau philosophy of education as it applies to your expensive in gaining knowledge.

I disagree with Rousseau because you never stop learning something new my motto is that you learn something new every day no matter how old you are. Not only do you learn from teachers but the teacher's learn from the students and others around them. Working in a preschool setting has taught me how to learn from example because of the different cultures, morals, and values that I am around I learned to appreciate and value others beliefs and instilled them in my children and students I teach.


Scholarly is to information and educate the reader.  They are written by experts in those fields.  Then their peers review the information to ensure the validity of the information.  This information can be found in journals, books.  Scholarly sources have reference page, introduction, abstracts, graphs and charts with data.  Popular sources such as magazines and newspaper have advertisements, pictures they are made to entertain the reader with style and content.  

The scholarly article that I am using for my essay is Combined effects of ocean acidification, ocean warming and oil spill on aspects of development of marine invertebrates written by Arnberg, Maj 2016.   It discusses the affects that climate change will have on marine life.  The study that was conducted demonstrated what happened to many different species as climate changes occur.  Shrimp develop faster, have increased metabolic rate, increased feeding, however had a decrease in growth rate (Arnberg, 2016).  That has and will occur with the increase carbon dioxide and decreased oxygen.  This article has limitations since this is one of the first studies done demonstrating the effects.  The strengths are there is data displaying the decrease in crab population.  You could argue this is biases since any do not believe the climate change can have this type of effect.  

 The article Oceans Are Absorbing Almost All of the Globe's Excess Heattalks about how the ocean has increased since 1900’s.  The increase is from greenhouse gases building up in the atmosphere.  The increase in water temperature has caused an increase in water levels. (Wallace, 2016).  What this article lacks are facts why is the rising temperatures causing increased water levels. It tells general information but nothing to why this is happening in detail.  Some of the sources could be reliable but not enough provide to use to back their story.  

The first article is a scholarly source is was published by University of Plymouth.  This article is supported by scientific data, has a detailed abstract and has references. The next article I found off Google.  It has good information but has been published by The New Year Times.  There are not many advertisements by many different articles about another subject across the top.  There are many different pictures to demonstrate the point, the references are at the bottom in two lines labeled sources 


The scholarly article I will be using for my essay I found in the Ashford Library under the scholarly journal search key.  The article discusses the influence of social backgrounds on participation in adult education.  The research also investigates the inequality in participation in adult education as it relates social practices to socioeconomic and sociocultural backgrounds (Cincinnato, De Wever, and Van Keer & Valcke).

The popular source was also located in the Ashford library under the newspaper icon.  ‘Learning Nation’ discusses how lifelong learning is vital for a rich and rewarding life.  This organization was established under the umbrella of the Adult Reading and Learning Association Federation and absorbed into the Literacy Aotearoa (a national adult literacy provider with 37 member groups from Northland to Southland) in 1998. The organization was established because of the large number of adults who had not achieved sufficient literacy levels to effectively operate on a day-to-day basis, according to manager Nellie Garthwaite.  The article gave an interesting insight into the reasons for this deficiency in adults.


               Each type of research contained important information that I found valuable to support my position about adult literacy.  The strength of both articles are strong with reliable reasoning, but the scholarly article had many sources while the newspaper article only listed the newspaper as the articles source.


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