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You will examine an ethical dilemma in end of life care utilizing the six (6)


steps in the ethical decision making process.


1. Select ONE of these ethical dilemmas .There is a lot of information on the internet about each of them.


a. Withholding/WithdrawingLifeSupport(TerriSchiavo)

Terri Schiavo, was in a persistent vegetative state when her life- sustaining treatment was withdrawn (2005)


b. WithdrawingLifeSupport/ResourceAllocation(JahiMcMath)

Jahi McMath, was a teen who was declared brain dead but remains on life support (2013)


c. Physician Assisted Suicide (Brittany Maynard)

Brittany Maynard, had terminal brain cancer and chose when/how she would end her own life (2014)


d. Right to Die (Dan Crews)

Dan Crews, had been a quadriplegic since childhood and wanted his ventilator removed to allow for death to come (2011)


e. Religion/Culture/Rights of Minor and Parental Rights (Daniel Houser) Daniel Houser, was a teen with Hodgkin’s Disease who refused life- sustaining chemotherapy for religious reasons (2009)


f. Withdrawing Life Support/Rights of the Unborn Child (Marlise Munoz) Marlise Munoz, was a brain dead woman kept on life support because of her unborn child (2013)


2. After selecting : Look at the attached document labelled framework for decision making. And work your slides relevant to that document , please include ALL steps from that document in your power point. And follow each steps instructions.


Each step can be at least 1 slide. Some steps could require more than one slide. Also include some pictures in the powerpoint.


ALSO : for STEP 1 and STEP 4 a , there are some useful information in another attached file called week 9.


ALSO : Your recommendation to the ethical dilemma may be different than what actually occurred (for example, you may recommend keeping a patient on life support when in reality, the “real” patient was taken off life support).


Please include a cover page, a reference page with 3 sources. Powerpoint must be at least 13 slides.


Please follow all instructions.

And when done make sure you followed all instructions.







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