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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2016 11:00 am

A 15 page, double-space, size 11 Report, please feel free to include charts and graphs. The company is COCA-COLA. And I will attach the COCA-COLA CSR report. The paper focuses on the sustainablity of COCA-COLA. 

Here is the question for the report: 

  • Core Purpose and Values of the Company?

• What macro issues affect the industry (PESTEL)? 

Above is the link for PESTEL, the paper should anylasis the PESTEL of COCA-COLA

• What are the Value Chain social and environmental impacts?

• Who are the salient stakeholders of the company how should they be prioritized?

• What are the key issues for each stakeholder group?

• How do the CSR initiatives align with:Company Mission, Core Values , Strategy?

• What internal structures support Sustainability initiatives?

• Assessment of internal culture, ability to innovate in general and innovate in sustainability specifically.

• Likelihood of collaboration with external partners, examining existing partnerships and recommendations for further collaboration (regarding sustainability and social/ environmental impact)

• Financial implications of CSR activity/non-activity

Additionally, you should focus on one major material issue and describe how the company has performed from both a strategic and stakeholder perspective


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