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12Manage is an e-learning community for management. Its website is an "online encyclopedia on management models, concepts and terms." The website provides concise summaries of numerous management theories, models, methods and concepts, including many that have been covered in this textbook. The website provides content on 12 management disciplines: Change & Organization, Communication & Skills, Decision-making & Valuation, Ethics & Responsibility, Finance & Investing, Human Resources, Knowledge & Intangibles, Leadership, Marketing, Program & Project Management, Strategy and Supply Chain & Quality.

This final chapter described the change management process and summarized key theories and concepts from change management research. However, there have been numerous articles and books written about change management and obviously this chapter did not cover every theory and concept due to space constraints. The 12Manage website provides a comprehensive listing of change management topics that can supplement the information in the textbook. The purpose of this exercise is for you to learn more about other perspectives on change management.

Go to the 12Manage website at and explore articles under the"Change & Organization" section. Read as many that interest you, but be sure to read the articles "Change Approaches" and"Change Phases" by Kotter, "Force Field Analysis" by Lewin and the "Kaizen"article. Based on what you read on this website and in the textbook, answer the questions below.

Write a 2 page double spaced paper that answers the following questions:

  • Why is it difficult to enact change in organizations?
  • Summarize the Kaizen philosophy and the 5-S Framework.
  • Discuss how conducting a force-field analysis can help managers to create organizational change.
  • Based on what you have learned in this course, how will you be able to more effectively manage the "people" component during a change management initiative at your organization?


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