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Discussion response/reply to 3 original post. 1/2 page per topic....APA format. Maximum of 2 pages.  

In responding to the learning activities and to other students, please be sure to use the course material using in-text citations and a reference list to cite the source(s) used. 

(1) Learning Activity 1 for Response to (ZX)

I personally think the individual and group decision making process is about the same but individual decision making is better. Because for individual decision making process, there is an authoritarian and experts to provide information for him to choose and pick with the final authority over outcome.  This is a very simple and straight forward process. 

On another hand, group decision making process always required a facilitator and a team of people with different idea.  Facilitator’s main job is to keep everyone stay focus and when time to make decision, the team more than likely will be using voting-based method due to everyone has different idea. Then facilitator will take the result to the leader.  At this point, the leader may or may not loss the opportunity to look at different point of view for the problem.

(2) Learning Activity 2 for Response to (ASu)

What symptoms of groupthink do you see?  Identify the conditions in the facts that led to the groupthink taking over the decision process.

In the video spoof I saw that the worker gave into peer pressure by groupthink. The decisions and ideas he had made were changed due to his co-workers opinions and ended up compromising his own beliefs and decisions. When there is a group of people agreeing to something, you can get the wrong idea and start thinking that they might be right. This method can make a difference and affect the way we think and cause us to make the wrong decision. With this approach others might hold back on giving their own opinions or views due to the fact that everyone already seems to be onboard with the same decision. Instead of everyone voicing their own opinions and giving their own thoughts and views, they jumped on the ideas of someone and made them their own. This type of thinking is like a mind control where what you thought doesn't matter anymore and you are being fed by the ideas of others and incorporating them as the right choice. This can create little to no active ideas, perspectives or diversity. It is a way of shutting down personal ideas and thinking as well as having an open mind to things.

(3) Learning Activity 3 for Response (SG)

I would be the facilitator and leader to remain open to everyone and keep communication following throughout the team and to upper management. A manager understands the process and what needs to be done to accomplish the mission but a leader brings out the best in people and allows them to tap into each other creating synergy. Synergy is when to some of the parts is magnified and multiplied by the skills, potential and dynamics of a team that results in more than what they could have achieved alone. The best way to nurture a team is to lay down ground rules of respect, accountability and responsibility. Everyone should feel honored and valued. A save place free of backlash and negative criticism. Only constructive criticism allowed.

Team process

Step 1:

Brainstorm on the research needed to pitch a new product line in only three weeks.

Researchers and consultations needed for the following:


Customer trends and habits

Supplies and Logistics of new product

Production Analyst to determine a profit or loss of options

Target Market

Consult with an Advertisement and Marketing Company for design of packaging material

Consult with a Dietitian

Step 2:

Weigh options from each person assigned to a task. The finding may be presented to the team in the form of a pro and cons list with statistics and graphs. During the presentation, each member would be able to write down question to be addressed after each presentation.

Step 3: Follow up meeting that addresses unanswered questions

Step 4: The facilitator will conduct one on one meeting with each member about their final project

Step 5: Group will vote on final line


Step 6: Group will finalize presentation for the board.


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