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The book, Darkness at Noon, is an analysis of the way that the Communist Party seemingly attacked itself during the 1930s. It examines the motivations, goals and fears of the Russian Communists. You are to write a paper addressing the following questions: What does Koestler mean by the concepts of 'anti-vivisection morality' and 'grammatical fiction'? Describe/define these concepts. Why was 'anti-vivisection morality' incompatible with Stalinist Russia? How does the concept 'grammatical fiction' apply to Stalinist Soviet Society? Are there any precedents for these ideas in Russian history/culture or were they a uniquely Communist feature? INSTRUCTIONS: This is the course paper. As you answer the main question, be sure to put your discussion in broader historical context and relate it to the themes of the entire course. Explain how the issues discussed by Koestler connect to the previous experiences in Russian history we covered in class. In order to answer these questions you MUST utilize at least 4 (four) outside sources. These may be books, articles, or primary sources. You are writing a formal 6-8 page paper, so be sure to start the paper with a brief introduction that includes a thesis statement. End the paper with a formal conclusion. You are free to utilize any footnoting system you desire, as long as it remains consistent throughout the paper. If you are utilizing outside sources, please cite their information on a separate Works Cited page. Any bid would greatly help. I just got sick about a week ago with pneumonia and I am really struggling with this.


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