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I can't attach the sample codes because of the extension, I will email them to you.


In this assignment, continue working on the project that you started in Week1 according to the following details. You will design and implement at least 3 functions to allow customers to select products and quantities and to print the order summary (including the total price). You may use the sample code as the template.
  • Create a new C++ empty project titled "CS115_IP2_JamesHernandez" in the IDE.
  • Determine the functions that you need to create (you need at least 3).
  • Design and implement those functions in the IDE.
  • Your program should provide the following additional functionality (in addition to the functionality provided in Week1):
    • Ask customers to select multiple products and quantities
    • Print the order summary, including the products, the quantities, and the total price for each product
    • Calculate and print the total price for the order


In this assignment, you will continue working on your application to apply object-oriented programming concepts and create a customer class. The customer class must be used in your program. The new class will replace simple variables to handle customer details. The functionality of the program will not change; however, the code should be organized differently. You also need to update the project document by adding the new class design and other potential classes. You may use the sample code
​as the template.
  • Create a new C++ empty project titled "CS115_IP3_JamesHernandez" in the IDE.
  • Design the customer class.
  • Include at least the customer name and address for the class.
  • Create class functions to set the class variables.
  • Create class functions to get the values of the class variables.
  • Create additional functions as necessary.
  • Complete the following in your code:
    • Implement the new class
    • Create an object from the new class
    • Set the customer details using the class functions
    • Use the class functions to access the customer details


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