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In this discussion you will make a total of three posts, one initial post and two reply posts. Initial posts should be 200-250 words. Reply posts should be 100-150 words. Points will be deducted for not meeting the minimum word count requirements. 

Note: You must make an initial post before you can see what others have posted.

Your initial post should be posted by 11:59pm on Thursday, 1 December 2016 in order to give people time to respond. The completed  assignment, including your two response posts, is due by 11:59pm on Sunday, 4 December 2016. Discussion posts MUST be submitted by the deadline or you will receive a zero for the assignment. Discussion posts CANNOT be made up. 

In your initial post, please discuss the following:

1) Is the war on terrorism "winnable?" Why or why not? 

2) What is the best way to fight terrorism? 






I just need the two response posts

Say if you agree or not and why.

100-150 words each

The first post:

In my opinion, it's hard to secure the world from terrorists by going after every group and individual that threatens the freedom loving people in the country. At this point, I have came to the conclusion that no matter how many people or groups the United States tries to take out, there are always people or groups ready to take their place. There's many ways on being a safer country and monitoring terrorism activity but trying to win a war is absurd. It makes sense that administration would declare war on terrorism because it would echo to the public that American is trying to do something about it. In some way, I feel poking groups outside of the 9/11 attack and the groups that are just anti-America because of war is just creating more problems. The war on terrorism is not winnable because there are more major groups out there that America doesn't even know about. The problem with pursuing an endless war on terror is the threat it puts on the citizens of America instead of protecting citizens. The best way to fight terrorism is build and connect with allies that will give us leadership from the Arab world. Another aspect could be businesses and many major buildings in America up their security tactics just like government buildings so it's harder to enter. I could go on and on but maybe as taxpayers, the people that make much money should make investments in public safety and security to help out the country they live in. Lastly, we should try to utilize the newer innovative technology that could help with the new systems that corporations should have. 


The Second post:

Terrorism is one of the global issue that is very debatable because it has been many years and issue is still there. People are getting died due to this. There are many organizations and countries who are fighting against it by sending the troops there. Still there is no progress but destruction. A common person’s life is getting affected and there is no wining against this issue. This is why I don’t think that we can win against terrorism because right now all efforts are to conquer them. However, we can not conquer the belief of a person or a group. To destroy them or to stop the, we need to think how their demands are and then make a plan instead of killing thousands of innocent people. Because killing is not a solution, it is making such groups more violent.


               One of the solution is that we should make a proper strategy in which all the countries or if not all the most of them should take part. This is the way to finish them that everyone should stay united and stop them by making them alone. No small group can stay alone for longer periods. We need to stop that support line that is making them strong.


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