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7 Page ethnographic paper on ONE of the following: For the assignment please pick ONE of the two options: a) A Michigan Indian Tribe, Event or Person b) A current Indian protest activity or activist group in North America. Must include an interview of some sort that relates to the topic. An interview can be with the founder of the indian protest group, someone with origins of that indian tribe, a popular Indian person, a representative of the indian protest activity, or anyone that can answer questions about the topic with full understanding.. MORE INFO IF YOU DECIDE TO CHOOSE INDIAN TRIBE: There are twelve federally recognized American Indian Tribes in Michigan. They are located all over the state: from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community in the U.P to the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians in Southwest Michigan. For a complete list of these twelve tribes (and their respective websites) see the State of Michigan website below:,4562,7-124-5453_7209-216627--,00.html (Links to an external site.) For this assignment you are to pick any one of these 12 tribes (except for the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians whose book we are reading in class) and thoroughly investigate them. You are to familiarize yourself with their history, culture, politics and/or current issues of concern. (Note: you are free to choose any Indian tribe in North America, please consult with me about this.) If the tribe has a website, consult it; if there are newspapers, read them. All tribes have members who are willing to talk with students, you are to interview a member of the chosen tribe (we’ll discuss strategies). You may even decide to visit a tribe at their reservation. All tribes have information about upcoming events, know what they are. In your research on the tribe, you should also consult at least three sources from the academic literature, newspapers and/or books (not including the required texts for the course). In a five page paper, write about: 1) What you learned about them in about their central issue/s of concern and how you think that this issue could best be addressed; or 2) Another topic that emerges from your inquiries. Later in the semester, you may choose to share your findings with the class during your oral presentation.


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