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Please write a three-page (roughly 750-1000 words, double spaced in a normal 12-point font such as Times New Roman) essay on the question below, based on the movie Persepolis(directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Statrapi; Sony Pictures Classics, 2007), as well as other relevant assigned readings or class lecture


DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES. Use SPECIFIC examples and evidence from the book and other class material to construct your argument, and make sure you cite your sources properly. (Please see the Essay Grading explanation document for more details on this.)




At the very end of the movie, Marjane replies “Iran,” when the cab driver asks her where she is coming from. Think about the history wrapped up in that statement, both Marjane’s personal history and the larger political and cultural history of Iran during the Revolution and its aftermath.


Write a three-page essay on what you think she means when she answers, “Iran.”


Possible angles for thinking about this question include things like: the history of her own family and relatives and their experiences of the political upheaval of the era (going all the way back to her communist, Qajar prince grandfather, mentioned briefly); the cultural changes she experienced over the course of the Revolution, and the complex place of westernization and western culture in Iranian history; her personal experiences of exile and outsider-ness as well as inclusion and community as an immigrant in Vienna. What does all of that history mean to her?


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