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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2016 12:00 am

Write a one-page (300 words), double-spaced answer to one of the following prompts.  If you want to create your own topic, clear it with me first.  Instead of writing just what happened, make me understand your perspective.  Always use the present tense when writing about film and literature.  Remember a title.  The assignment is due on Moodle on 15 September at noon.

1.  What scene or character moved you the most?

2.  How and what do anachronisms in the film add to your understanding of the text? 

3.  How does Taymor juxtapose humor and violence?  How did you react to the humor?

4.  Do Aaron and Titus lose their humanity completely by the end or do we see human sides to
     them?  In other words, what is their character arch?

5.  How can Schmookler’s analysis of social evolution be applied to Titus? 

6.  How does Taymor portray sex and sexuality and what do the portrayals signify?

7.  How do the costumes of the characters make us react to their wearers?

8.  What kind of future do you see for young Lucius and Aaron’s baby at the end of the movie?
     Is the end optimistic or pessimist or both?

9.   What is the role of hands in the movie, including prostheses in the woodcarver’s shop?
      What might Taymor mean when she claims, “I love the truth of the play but I can’t stand the   
      reality of the play”?

10.  Are the characters racist?  If so, how does Aaron deal with racism?

11.  How does music underscore various scenes in the film?  You might want to see the special   
        features disc unless you have a solid music background for this question. 


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