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The purpose of the “Stock Report Project,” which is to be submitted at the end of the semester, is to provide you with an opportunity to “tie together” all of the information acquired in the course, and to apply the tools of security analysis to the company of your choice.  You will be preparing this report, a section at a time, during the entire semester.  This “hands on” experience will give you an opportunity to better understand how professionals assess the fundamental value of a stock and determine its potential value as an investment.  In the process, this experience should make you a more informed individual investor as you should have acquired sufficient knowledge about Security Analysis to understand that the valuation of a stock requires detailed knowledge of all of the factors that influence the valuation of a company.  The economist, the market analyst, and the financial analyst are typically the professionals in a large investment organization who are called upon to prepare a comprehensive stock report.


The report should be prepared in Word or be able to be opened as a Word file.  The text should be double spaced in Times Roman 14 font.  Small tables and/or graphics are appropriate for insertion in the text but large tables and graphics should be referenced in the text and placed in the Appendix.


A typical report will have eight sections and an Appendix as shown in the following Table of Contents:



Stock Report

Table of Contents



                             General description of the company


Macroeconomic Review


Stock Market Prospects


Industry Analysis


Company Strategic Analysis

Review of the company and its business


Company Financial Analysis

Past financial performance

          Recognition of factors influencing “true economic earnings”

Estimates of future earnings   

Principal assumptions


Application of Valuation Methodologies

          Intrinsic value

          Relative value

          Comparison of fundamental value to market price


Conclusions and Recommendations




The most difficult task in the preparation of the report is keeping the various sections short and to the point, but with sufficient detail to support the conclusions.  Not counting the pages in the Appendix, you should be able to keep the eight content sections of the report between a total of 10 and 14 pages.    


The Stock Report will be graded for content and clarity.  Be sure to cite all references from outside sources so as to distinguish them from your own intellectual contributions.  Also, please do not let excellent content and analysis be offset by a poorly edited manuscript. 


If you have any questions about format or content during the preparation of your report, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.






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