Project #158467 - Ethics / Misconduct

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2016 05:00 pm

Construct a qualitative proposal on the topic of ethical behavior in a business setting by only addressing the following questions (sources must be from 2014-present):

Formulate relevant research questions.

What is your design?

Why have you chosen that design?

What is your target population? How would you identify and recruit participants?

What data collection method might you use? How would that data help answer your research question(s)?

How consistent are these data collection methods with methods used in existing research on your topic? Why did you choose these methods? What are the alternatives?

How would you ensure quality and reliability of the data?

How might you analyze the data?

What are the target audiences for your findings?



No introduction is required just use the questions as subheadings, write on graduate level and provide sources to support responses to questions. This is a qualitative task. original writing only. Thanks for help


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