Project #158486 - Great Mosque, Cordoba, Spain

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2016 09:00 pm

Project topic is Great Mosque, Cordoba, Spain

You are working on the Great Mosque at Cordoba, Spain. This is a very large, complex building. It also has a very complicated history since control of Cordoba has passed between Christian and Muslim hands multiple times, and this has impacted the construction and use of the building. You'll have to decide how to present this complicated history and what period to focus on. Perhaps you want to look at the original Islamic structure? That's fine, but don't ignore how it was later changed to incorporate a Christian structure, nor its current manifestation, which is subject to debate and controversy.

Plan to use a format that will enable you to use various different kinds of visual materials. To adequately present architecture, you typically need to use not only photos but also plans, drawings/diagrams, even video to give you a sense of moving through the space.


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