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Renaissance Research Paper


Paper Instructions: 

Your paper is due on the date assigned, NO EXCEPTIONS, and should reflect college-level composition (SPELLING AND GRAMMAR COUNT).


This paper will have the following:


·             Using a minimum of 2 Primary documents

·             Use a minimum of 2 Secondary sources (Book, approved web site, scholarly article)

·             5-7 pages typed using New Times Roman 12pt font

·             One inch margins all the way around and double spaced

·             Citations should be done using the Chicago Style


The Renaissance was a period of time between 1400 and 1700 where “profound and enduring upheaval and transformations in culture, politics, art and society” in Europe rook place.[1] The modern individual will become a predominant part of the period “as well as the social and cultural institutions that define so many people in the western world today.”[2]

The Italian word Rinascita (rebirth) was used in the 16th century regarding this period. Jules Michelet coined the French word Renaissance in the 19th century to “represent a progressive, democratic condition that celebrated the great virtues of reason, truth, art and beauty.”[3]

The Renaissance was a historical period that would define the modern age, separating it from the Middle Ages. This break created a modern understanding of humanity and its place in the world.[4]

Your assignment is to tell the story of the Renaissance through one of the transformations that took place.

·             You are to discuss the evolution of the Renaissance: briefly discuss the many transformations and individuals that participated in the Renaissance.

·             Your main focus should be on one transformation that contributed to the progress of the Western Civilization into the modern world.

·             What were the main obstacles facing your topic on the road through the Renaissance?

·             What were some of the main facilitators that allowed for the spreading and development of your topic?

·             How did ordinary people come to understand these new, almost unbelievable ideas that were emerging during the Renaissance?

·             How did your topic change everyday life, what new ideas had practical implications and applications?

·             How did your topic affect the state, church, and everyday people?

·             What did Western Civilization look like at the end of the 18th century, and how did your topic contribute to this look of Western Civilization by 1800.?



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