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Use the Rights-based ethics, or a natural rights ethical theory to justify the ethical decision that you would make concerning the dilemma in the article. APA format please.


See below for definition:


Rights-based ethics, or a natural rights ethical theory, places the primary emphasis on a person’s individual rights. This ethical theory states that rights belong to all people purely by virtue of their being human. Under our rights-based democracy, all Americans have the right to freedom of speech. Employees have the right to due process, which entitles them to a fair hearing in the case of dismissal from their jobs. In the previous example of limited donor organs, using a rights-based ethical approach, every patient needing a donor organ would have the same right to receive the available organ. The strength of rights-based ethics is a strong attempt to protect the individual from injury. Laws such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) benefit  society as a whole because everyone in the workplace is protected by this act. The downside to this approach is that there can be incidents of individualistic selfish behavior which is  independent of the outcomes (consequences). For example, unions protect their  membership while excluding the rights of the non-union members of society.



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