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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/06/2016 09:00 am

  • Purpose – The purpose of this assignment is to represent your research in a variety of modes and genres, and by doing so, to craft a unique experience of your topic for those who read the text you create.

    Course Objectives -- Rhetorical knowledge, development and critical thinking, organization, conventions of style and usage, documentation of sources

    Form / Design – Your project will consist of the following five sections.

    • A cover page – Your cover page should contain your name, the title of your project, my name, and the course number. Beyond that, you may design it any way you choose.
    • A letter to your readers – Your letter to your readers will introduce the topic, explain your relationship to it, and introduce the project itself.
    • The multi-genre pieces – you must include at least three “treatments” on your subject and up to seven. These treatments may include poems, collage work, journal entries from key players in your research, discussions of concepts, crossword puzzles, maps, diagrams, songs, power-points, storyboards, comics, … (you are limited only by your imagination).
    • A “Notes Page” – your notes page will include explanations of the various treatments you include in the main section of your project.

A Works Cited Page – be sure to cite this project just like any other paper.


This paper is about the economics effect by the immgrantion/immigrants.


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