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In this assignment, you will picking from a selection of issues discussed in your text investigate in more depth. Your research will culminate in an essay using evidence from the textbook and at least TWO additional sources to help support your ideas.

You are free to take any position you wish on the question, but you must support whatever position you take.

Explain yourself fully, assuming I know nothing about the topic you are covering. It would be an excellent idea to meet with me during my office hours to sketch out a plan of attack to successfully complete this paper.


Pick one from the options below to answer


1.       Of the explanations provided in your text, which do you find the most useful in explaining the earnings disparities between racial groups?  Why? (You may combine multiple explanations.) Your answer should justify the explanation/s you pick by comparing it to other explanations. In other words, be sure to substantiate your choice.

2.       Why is racial segregation a problem in need of a solution?

3.       Research policies that have been used to increase workplace diversity and reduce discrimination in the workforce. What about these policies works well and what doesn’t? Why? How effective are these policies in reducing the earnings penalty for non-­white workers? Given what you know from your book about the nature of labor market inequality and what you know from your research into policies, what strategies would you employ to reduce the earnings penalty for non-­â€white workers?


4.       Using your text and independent research, explain what leads to the achievement gap. What do you believe is the main cause of the persistent gap in achievement? How do we change the educational trajectory of disadvantaged students? Review policies that have and haven’t worked to come to a decision about future steps that need to be taken.


5.       Using your text and independent research, explain what leads to differential justice. Explain the impact of differential justice on race and ethnic relations in the United States. Focus on a particular dynamic or aspect of differential justice that you feel is the most problematic to explain in more detail. How and in what ways can this issue be addressed to eradicate differential justice?



Golash-Boza,Tanya Maria.   Race& Racisms: ACritical Approach.  Oxford UP, 2015.


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