Project #158575 - Data Anaylsis

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/05/2016 08:00 pm

Assignment using Sofa

For this milestone, please use the data from the attached document.  There are two parts:

Part I

  1. Choose two or more demographic questions from your data set (e.g., age, sex, race, etc.) and your evaluation variables (e.g., what you are evaluating).

2  Run frequencies using Sofa, then copy and paste the printout into a Word doc and write up a brief description of your sample.

Part II

  1. Still in Sofa with your data set, please perform an appropriate test—either a chi-square, paired samples (pre-posttest) t-test, or independent samples t-test—using your evaluation variables.
  2. Copy and paste the printout into the same Word doc and write up a brief description of your results.


  1. Frequency distributions of demographic variables (2 or 3) and research question variables.
  2. Either a paired samples (pre-posttest) t-Test, independent samples t-Test, or cross-tabulation of independent and dependent variables with chi-square statistic.
  3. You may include a graph if you wish.
  4. A brief explanation of what the tables tell you and whether the results are statistically significant or not (remember the p-value has to be below 0.05).


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