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compose a memo about ice cream industry 3 page long 

e the information from this word presentation only


i can do the reference later.


use the charts.


The following will serve as a general guide for your report, but you must determine the best way to group and organize your information:

●      Provide an introduction with context (and WIIFY), a clear and relevant purpose statement, and a forecast that previews the sections of your document

●      Provide a concise, clear overview of the industry that includes

o      segments/products/services/target markets, etc.

o      major players (prevalent companies) in the industry

o      notable trends

o      themes in both domestic and international markets

●      Conclude with a brief summary and invitation for further communication



●      Audience: Your Supervisor

●      Purpose: To compose an informative report overviewing or Ice Cream industry.

●      Page Limit/Format: 3 page informal report & 

●      *NOTE: You must cite every source you use.

it is a memorandum


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