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AAS 100 (Allan Aquino), Fall 2016 Final Project Research Paper Guidelines   For your final paper you will write one cohesive essay based upon your contribution to your group's presentation. Please note the following guidelines. 1) As with an encyclopedia entry, write your essay as if you are explaining your topic to a less-than-expert audience. You may want to consider a variety of factors, including the history of your topic and its social and cultural significance, especially in terms of its relevance to Asian American communities. Why is your topic important and, therefore, worth examining and discussing? Focus primarily upon the sub-topic which you contributed to your group’s collective presentation. 2) You are required to cite at least THREE published sources related to your topic; this could be a legitimate magazine/news article, a book excerpt, or (preferably) an assigned reading from our course reader. Anything from JSTOR or the Oviatt Library's electronic database, government (".gov") websites, and websites from established PRINT newspapers or magazines (e.g.,,, or legitimate news sources (e.g. Reuters, HuffPost) are permitted. No other web resources are permitted - not YouTube, not Wikipedia, not anything other than the aforementioned. When in doubt, consult the professor for approval. 3) You must include footnotes (or endnotes) and a works cited/bibliography page. For information on research citations, consult the CSUN Guide to Writing, the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, and/or a writing tutor at the CSUN Learning Resource Center. Your paper must exhibit the proper grammar, diction, and scholarly tone of a university student.   4) Your essay must be word-processed or typed (double-spaced) in a standard 12-point font. Handwritten papers will not be accepted. There are no strict length guidelines, but your paper should be thorough, well more than four substantial pages.   5) Your essay will be worth 10 points - 10% of your final grade. Please note that I READ THESE ESSAYS CAREFULLY. Full credit will be reserved for exceptional essays. Papers that fail to abide by these guidelines, exhibit little to no effort, or exhibit questionable or plagiarized material will be chopped to pieces, and you will receive a lower final grade than what you'd hoped. Please put in the proper effort and love into this essay, and don't push your luck.  6) Your essay will be due at the beginning of our last class session of Week 15 - the same due date as all Community Event and/or Extra Credit writeups. NO EXTENSIONS. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


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