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The world is filled with problems, as you may know. The world around us, though, presents intense and challenging social and political problems that either will or already impact your way of life and the lives of others. This essay situates you squarely in the debate about an issue that impacts your life. Be sure to find a controversial issue or make sure you reader knows of the controversy, then find a solution and persuade your reader to your point of view.


The Assignment

Compose a Problem/Solution Essay that relates to an overall theme from our last unit.  You will write a 8-10 page paper on ONE of 3 topics that interest you and is new to you.  I am limiting you to a topic that is in some way related to our readings:


·       Human Rights (Right to be Free from Torture) v. National Security

·       Equal Protection – Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

·       Affirmative Action and Correcting Systematic Racism


You should select one of these topics and re-read the assigned readings. Review your journal entry from the assigned topic as well.  Compose a specific argument you want to make related to the topic. This will be the basis of your thesis, or the main point of your entire paper.


You should include a background section, where you help the reader learn about the historical context of your issue.


After this section, begin to build your body/argument paragraphs. Keep your points clear; back up your statements with evidence and independent analysis. Use secondary sources to support your argument and make your problem and compelling to your reader.


You must have an arguable thesis that has some degree of controversy. You must also include counter arguments at some point in your essay. What is the solution to this issue? Be sure to clearly state this and to emphasize it in your conclusion.


Composing Advice: Part One

We will work on (description/summary) and an informal topic proposal to start the process. I want to make sure your topic is plausible and can work before you get too far. I would suggest researching your topic finding the articles you are moved by and want to work with. Our class discussions will surely open your eyes to some interesting perspectives but your own spade work here could prove invaluable, so start early.   


Composing Advice: Part Two

I would suggest composing your rough draft first with reactions to the articles you have selected or engage with them somehow. Then craft your reactions into a thesis type statement of some kind that identifies and solves a problem. This a key area and we will work on this in class. Next, frame out your essay with main points you would like to make and use your research as a motivator for other points. You will probably find some main points in your research articles I bet. Finally, I would work those counter arguments in if you haven’t already. Counter arguments can be very helpful making your authority stand out or showing your calm logic. We will look for counter argument effectiveness in our peer writing workshops to help you in this area.


Source Use

You are required to use at least 2-3 sources from our assigned readings (you may use more) and also locate 4 quality external sources from the library research databases (Academic Search Complete). Your sources should help develop your main points, strengthen your arguments, or make your problem clear to the reader. In most cases, careful use of sources is key to success in this essay. Remember to use attribution as well as transitions. Use the lesson we study in They Say/I Say for specific help here. Finally, use MLA style citing your sources as well as creating your Works Cited Page.


Special Assessment Emphasis

As the last essay, this paper is worth the most points. In addition to the items looked for and mentioned in Essays #1 and #2, I will also be looking for correct grammar, strong organization, independent thoughts, sentence variety, secondary source use, and solid citation of sources.



Nuts and Bolts

  • 8-10 pages
  • Times New Roman font, 12. 1 inch margins
  • Original Title
  • MLA citation
  • Outline/Topic Proposal due to instructor for comment: Thursday, November 17, 2016
  • Rough Draft due (for peer groups) : December 1, 2016
  • Final Draft Due on December 8, 2016


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