Project #158638 - English 2 Essay

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/08/2016 12:00 am

Choose one of the topics and write essay
  1. Using Kahlenberg’s “5 Myths about Who Gets into College” and other sources I post or you find, make an argument about how socioeconomics plays a role in who gets in and goes to college.
  2. Using Riley’s “What’s a College Education Rally Worth? Not Enough” and Thompson’s “What’s More Expensive than not Going to College? Not Going to College” and other sources craft an argument in which you weigh the cost of college and the benefits of having a degree with not getting a degree. Consider college majors, vocational opportunities, and other forms of education that are outside of the college realm.
  3. In Allen’s “Helping Students find their Place in the World” she asserts the argument about college curricula should not be balancing the vocational needs of the student with a broad education.  Instead, she contends college should foster development along four different dimensions (paragraph 2). Do you agree this is the role of college? Is it a by-product of college? How do colleges help students attain these developmental goals? Should colleges be more intentional about helping students in this way?
  4. Gardner’s “Why Kids Cheat at Harvard” exposes cheating on college campuses. Given the propensity of students to cheat, and some universities assisting them in their endeavors (see the University of North Carolina cheating scandal), write an essay in which you explain why students cheat and how universities can help create an environment to stop the practice.
  5. In Will’s “The Closed American Mind” he maintains that universities have used censorship and trampled on student’s and professor’s First Amendment rights to free speech. There is a line between hate speech and the First Amendment; how does the university encourage and educate students about which is which. In light of an uptick in hate crimes against Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ and minority students in the past few years, how does a university create a campus where diversity is tolerated and celebrated and all students believe they have a right to speak about how they believe on certain issues?


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