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This assignment contains 2  law discussion cases with a scenario and then my response to the cases.  Following my assignment submission, further questions were asked that requires another response.  Please read first the scenarios on attachment #1, my responses on attachment #2 and then answer the questions below in 50 words for following question/response.


Discussion Case #1  Fun Fashion Clothes

1.  In your conclusion, you stated,"Foreign companies doing trade with Americans are under the jurisdiction of their mother countries as long as they are operating from there." I agree this is what our textbook stated. This being the case, who is out of there jurisdiction in this case?" Fun Fashion, is a United States company and is under the jurisdiction of the United States of America. Glamor Fabrics is located in India and purchases fabrics from Taiwan and other countries. While they are each under the jurisdiction of their mother countries,m who decides the legality of Fun Fashion ending the contract with Glamor?

2.  I agree that the American courts are limited to American companies due to jurisdiction. Since Fun Fashion is an American company the American courts can have some jurisdiction over this case. The organization itself does have to seek other help because the company they get their garments from an international company. I agree that they should seek help from the Convention on the International Sale of Good since they can have complete jurisdiction over both companies.  Are there condition under which a US company can sue a foreign company in a district court?

Discussion CAse #2  The Dilemma

1. As president of his company, doesn't he have obligations to his shareholders and employees? How does he optimize their interests under the circumstances?

2.  I think you are on the right track. However, I think Richard has to consider the well being of the company first. The shareholders should have an opinion in what he decides to do. He cannot just give to everyone with out the backing of the shareholders. The company, in my opinion, may find themselves in financial trouble.

3. The reputation of the company could be ruined or strengthened by the choices they make in who the help. Research is of the utmost importance in this case to determine the best outcome for the company. Losing the backing could completely destroy the company. Do you think it is possible that if they help locally, the company's reputation with their community will be strengthened and their international reputation would be destroyed? If so, this could work the opposite as well. Which decision do you feel would be the best outcome for the company, and why?



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