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I will write for your personal info, and I want you to make up according to my info. answer the  following three areas in 3-4 pages. 



1) The Informational Interview

- What did you gain in speaking with the person you conducted your informational interview with?

- Did you acquire any new insights or specific information that changed your perspective on the career area you explored?    

-Could the connection you have made lead you to any new networking opportunities in the future?

-Has speaking to this individual influenced your plans or goals?  

If you participated in the Talent Gateway

Mentoring Program, how did your interactions with your mentor and the group influence


-What did you learn?



2) Research on Your Area of Interest

 -What have you learned about this career area through your research on O-Net, Occupational Outlook and/or any of the other websites you explored through the Mardigian Library resources?  

-What is the outlook for the field you are considering?

-What are the related career areas you could consider?     



3) Journals and Interest/Values Assessments

- Have the journaling exercises and the interest assessments given you any additional insight about career paths that may be a good fit for you?   

- How does this information influence your decision-making regarding your academic major and the career options you are considering?  


Personal inforamtion could be used: 

1- international student, want to study finance, but not sure

2-my interview was with one of my friends that she gradated recently with the Finance degree.(same my majore)

3- you can tell that after the interview I bacome confrdrnt about my major. 


I want the paper to talkes positive about the interview.




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