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Casablanca (1942)


Film 5 Analysis

Type Written, Double spaced, 12pt. Times new roman, 1” margin

Answer the following questions in a minimum of 2 full pages using complete sentences in essay form.  Give explanations WITH EXAMPLES to help describe all details.

DO NOT PROVIDE A SUMMARY OF THE STORY, WE’VE ALREADY SEEN IT.  DO NOT REVIEW THE FILMTime spent summarizing the plot of the movie will not help your grade. Instead, please respond to ALL the following questions in the form of an essay. (A simple way to do this is to make each set of questions, below, its own paragraph. Please don't include the question numbers in your paper.)


1.  Consider the four approaches to studying film history; the aesthetic approach, the technological approach, the economic approach, and film as social history.  Why do you think this film should be considered in one approach versus the others?  What are the greatest accomplishments of this film from a historical perspective?  Justify your choice with a brief analysis.  Refer to pages 433-435 of your book if you are having trouble.    


2. Using your own criteria developed in class of what makes a film great, discuss this film in terms of that criteria.  What aspects of this film fit in with your given criteria?  Defend or denounce the critical merit of the this film, by your standards of what makes a film great.


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