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1.     Will abolishing or limiting the insanity defense have an impact on serious crime? Critically evaluate this question with reference to empirical studies and scholarly literature.


2.     (a) Provide a broad discussion on laws meant to control gun-related crime and the issues of various state laws.


(b) Discuss Project Safe Neighborhoods and the evaluation findings.


3.     (a) Differentiate between crime control policies presented in previous chapters and those that seek to gain compliance with the law.


(b) The most inflammatory controversies involve police use of deadly force and excessive physical force. The recent cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner are examples. Police departments have utilized various strategies to reduce racial discrimination. Some police departments across the country are introducing police body cameras – discuss this policy initiative.


4.     Appraise the effectiveness of the DARE program. Are there other interventions that may work better?


5.     Describe and evaluate the policy recommendations provided by Joan Petersilia’s research on prisoner reentry.

Each question should be at least one page in length and in size 12 font Times New Roman, double-spaced.

APA Format.  


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