Project #158691 - Project #50433 - 40 True/False Questions About Recycling/ Resource Management

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I need these 40 questions to be answered in true or false, some research is required.

1 There are no examples of zero-based goals in our society (e.g., zero accidents)

2 Zero waste is a goal (this implies it is not a standard)

3 Zero waste includes burning (incineration) but not landfilling

4 Reasons for wasting include population, greed, ignorance and mass production

5 Planned obsolescence was identified in 1932 as a strategy to end the US depression

6 There are 10 principles of zero waste according to Huls

7 CalGreen requires a minimum of 80% recycling of construction waste

8 AB 341 does not require multifamily apartments to arrange for recycling service

9 A key element in the zero waste plan is a total participation strategy

10 Zero waste assessment is a process to determine zero waste achievement

11 There are 9 general sources of waste generation according to Huls

12 Good operating practices is one of the Precycle analytical measures

13 The virgin materials industry consumes little recyclable material

14 Environmental disasters were not a major driver to environmental legislation

15 AB 341 established a new goal of 75% recycling in California

16 Grassroots action can encourage change in laws and regulations

17 Energy & material efficiency is technological while conservation is behavioral

18 California’s approach to EPR can be best described as a framework

19 Water and energy efficiency and conservation can help offset the costs of recycling

20 Brownfields could become a major market for compost

21 To refuse packaging means to avoid receipt of stuff that becomes waste

22 Zero waste is minimizing wasting in energy, water, toxics and materials

23 Every backyard, every roof, every window could become an urban garden

24 Compost is organic matter that has organically degraded to inert status

25 Nearly every structure in California needs energy efficiency retrofitting

26 Non Disposal Facility (NDF) category does not include landfills (disposal sites)

27 The least amount of diversion from an NDF is obtained through a Dirty MRF

28 Recycling centers are allowed by law to accept and process up to 10% garbage

29 Dirty MRFs can routinely achieve up to 90% recovery

30 Resource recovery parks can contain end users such as reuse stores

31 A forensic waste audit can be used to help cities avoid rate increases

32 Many factors affect garbage rates, but fuel prices are not one of them

33 Zero waste tasks must be specific but should be easy to accomplish

34 Education is one of the most important tasks to do to achieve zero waste

35 In writing a proposal, it is NOT necessary to adhere to RFP requirements

36 Zero waste should identify a specific date of accomplishment

37 Zero waste can save money for haulers and local government

38 Implementation upstream of trash bins helps avoid costs, labor, and materials

39 Food services is one of the 9 sources of discard generation


40 Scavengers are NOT part of the salvage industry


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