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5 pages, double space, size 11.  Write as a report style. 

3 questions: 

1.     New Equity Issue: Consider the expectations regarding the anticipated 2005 equity issue of new shares for Euro Disney – setting the price for new shares vs.the current market price; problems in attracting investors to the new shares; impact on the ownership positions of Disney and Prince Alwaleed; impact on the ownership interests of the public shareholders who own approximately 47% of the existing shares. Who are likely investors in the new equity? Issues involving the existence of outstanding warrants should be reviewed within the information available.

2.     Analysis: review the new agreement’s resolution of the divergent needs of the stakeholders. Who gained by the agreement and who lost? How did the realities of the capital markets lead to these results.


3.     Strategic Financial Recommendation: From the perspective of your stakeholder group provide your strategy for the financial reorganization of the Euro Disney venture --- as the alternative to the actual agreements which were reached. This recommendation should emphasize the interests of your stakeholder and establish the best possibilities for the financial stability of the venture and for its future business success.

In this case, I choose the stakeholder: the Disney Company. 

You should analyze the questions for your stakeholder: the Disney Company! 

      analyze the new deal in terms of the advantages and disadvantages for The Disney Company. 

Not the Prince Alwaleed and the French banks.





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