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The effects of hydrolic fracturing, or "fracking," have caused an uproar in the environmental community, as the process has been linked to both public health and environmental problems. The 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary, Gasland, brought this issue to the forefront, providing viewers with insight into the alarming effects of "fracking." Yet many individuals insist this process is relatively harmless and is necessary to meet our current energy needs.


​I would like you to investigate who the supporters and opposers of "fracking" are (otherwise known as "stakeholders"). Consider the following when writing your thesis statement about why you would support or oppose fracking:


1. What are the pro's and con's of fracking?

2. Why are stakeholders in the United States either vehemently opposed to or strongly supportive of fracking?

3. Upon completing your investigation around the pro's and con's of fracking, which side would you support and why?


Use 3 scholarly articles and at least 5 credible sources from magazines, news websites and/or government websites, to write a 4 to 5 page-long research paper with a comprehensive overview about why fracking is controversial. 


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