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 Write an essay that is a mixed review (good and bad) of a single topic. (Movie, Video Game OR Restaurant)


  1. Focus on developing specific and relevant criteria that helps you evaluate and analyze both the positive and negative qualities of your subject matter.


There are two parts to your assignment that I want to point out to you because of their extreme importance. According to the assignment guidelines:


The key to successful evaluation and analysis, then, is a clear claim reinforced by thorough assessment of specific and relevant criteria. To support that judgment, you will examine and critique individual aspects of your topic.  The key to a successful evaluation, then, is a clear claim and a thorough assessment of specific and relevant criteria that support that claim.


What this means is that, first, criteria should be established in your introduction and then it should be followed by a thesis that shows whether that criteria are met.


 For instance, if I were writing about a movie that everyone should see I would first set up criteria for what makes a great movie. I might say:


Criteria:  In order to evaluate whether or not a movie deserves to be considered great, it must meet the criteria of having an excellent story line, believable characters, eye popping graphics and evoke an emotional response from the audience.

Thesis:  James Cameron’s Avatar is a movie that meets these criteria and deserves its place among the greatest movies of all time.


 For the body of your paper, you will use each criteria as a topic sentence. For example:


TS 1: The movie, Avatar, definitely meets the first criteria of having an excellent story line.



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