Project #158744 - Western powers that give rise to ISIS

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4 page research paper in MLA format with bibliography of 4 or more resources. 

In your paper, you should focus upon one or the other of these in detail, but also mention in less detail that the other factor is important and affects the development of ISIS, even though you do not have space in your paper to address that second aspect in detail. In other words, to be responsible, you need to mention both of these important factors, but you can treat one of them in detail and then briefly mention why the other one is important even though you don’t have time in your paper to analyze it in detail.


If you focus on the U.S. foreign policy, since the history is long and would take a long time to write about, onlydescribe in your paper one good example of U.S. foreign policy that represents how the U.S. has generallyapproached the Middle East in a way that gave rise to ISIS. Consider the invasion of Iraq as the example that you treat in detail, since it is very important to the development of ISIS. You can then talk in less detail about the actions of the United States after the invasion of Iraq that led to ISIS as we know it today.


You can find ample material in the articles that I listed on the course website to research the invasion of Iraq. Then, take the articles or books that you listed in your bibliography and find points in them to support the articles that are posted to the course website. Let the articles posted on the course website guide you, and then use the articles in your bibliography to support those articles. Eventually, you will place all the articles that you use from the course website on your completed bibliography (in addition to the four articles that you originally listed in your bibliography).


If you focus on Wahhabism, make sure to explain (1) how Wahhabism developed from an extreme Islamic preacher whom the rest of Islam rejected because they claimed that he did not represent the whole of Islam, but instead selectively chose some verses from the Quran and created his own cult. Make sure to explain (2) that an ambitious military leader saw an opportunity to use this radical preacher to justify his ambitions to unlawfully invade his Islamic neighbors in bordering countries. So, Wahhabism is the combination of a narrow and inaccurate interpretation of Islam and the military ambitions of a military leader who took advantage of a radical preacher that others rejected.


Describe the above as the early beginnings of Wahhabism and then more briefly explain how Wahhabism persists as the religious ethos of ISIS today. As I mentioned above, to be responsible, you should also mention briefly why U.S. foreign policy played just as important a role as Wahhabism did in the formation of ISIS. But you can mention that explanation briefly and then indicate that you do not have space to explain the role of U.S. foreign policy in detail because your paper is focusing upon how Wahhabism gave rise to ISIS.


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