Project #158777 - Donald Trump to label China a currency manipulator

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/16/2016 12:00 am

China has been stating, publically, that they are angry at the United States and it's unfair that Donald Trump is going to call China a Currency Manipulator.

We should be;  because it's the truth.

Donald Trump continues to state that China continues to rip us off, and he's right. Using currency manipulation and the fact that our negotiators aren't smart enough to call China out when they do that, The United States gets ripped off to the tune of nearly $400 to $500 Billion each year.

We need to debate the issue of Trade policies.

Donald Trump has stated that, should he win the presidency, he would declare China a "currency manipulator" and would impose 45 percent countervailing duties on Chinese goods, so as to force China to start trade renegotiations.

I need a 2 or more page paper on how China has been profitting off the United States using chrrency manipulation and how labeling them as a currency manipulator will actually benefit the United States and will finally hold China and hopefully other countries accountable and responsible.



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