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Assignment: Write an essay response to one of the following topics. Off-topic essays will receive a grade of zero. Your response should include an argumentative thesis and claims about the text. Do not merely summarize the "plot" of the literature. Instead, meticulously analyze the text and present a viable interpretation supported by evidence (quotations) fromthe literary work.


1. What does The Tale of Genji suggest about the impact of the parent-child relationship on the child’s identity and choices? Does Murasaki’s novel, for instance, suggest that the mother-child relationship determines the nature of relationships in adulthood?


2. Kamo No Chomei offers an account of his experience living as a recluse in An Account of My Ten-Foot Square Hut. Review Chomei’s work, and then consider Murasaki’s portrayal of Genji’s exile to Suma. What does Chomei’s work suggest about the nature of the world, and how might his philosophical insights enrich one’s understanding of the Tale of Genji?


3. Examine Hamlet’s "To be or not to be" soliloquy (3.1.59– 92), and identify the central problem about the human condition that the speech considers. Does Shakespeare’s play resolve the problem presented in Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy? If the play leaves the problem unresolved, what message does Hamlet convey?


4. What does Shakespeare’s Hamlet suggest about the art of "acting" with respect to action in the world of human affairs?



Length: 1600 words (roughly 5 typed pages in 12-point, Times New Roman font). Exceeding 1600 words is fine; however, essays significantly shorter than 1600 words will be penalized.




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