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Write an original, organized and clear research paper of 4-6 pages using the prompt below. Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins in MLA STYLE.


Using at least of these three texts: 

 Anne Bradstreet "The Flesh and the Spirit" (Puritanism)

Phillis Wheatley "On Being Brought from Africa to America" (Romantic Primitivism)

William Lloyd Garrison "To the Publc" (Abolitionism and Women's Rights)


 identify what you believe is a characteristic feature of Early American Literature and analyze how that feature evolves. To respond to this question, think beyond what features were imporant for a single group of people or for a single movement. Instead, think about what feature/s connected different groups and/or movements across the span of Early American Literature. The texts you are analyzing come from different groups or movements (ex. Puritans, Enlightenment Liberals, Romantics, Transcedentalists). Features and themes that you might identify as a characteristic of Early American Literature include but are not limited to: sentimentality, exploration, introspection, individualism, egotism, spirituality, liberty, and truth.


To complete this assignment, you will need to reference at least THREE appropriate secondary sources.


Appropriate secondary sources typically include but are not limited to recent print and online sources found through library catalogues, library databases, .edu domain sites, and Google Scholar. Examples of sources include but are not limited to recent scholarly books etc.


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