Project #158829 - Questions III

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Using a word processing program, answer the following discussion questions


1  Write a paragraph criticizing the following explanation and presenting alternative, superior argument: Whichever line you join at a fast food restaurant, a toll booth, or supermarket, the other line moves faster.


2  Describe each fallacy you have used, and explain why it is faulty reasoning.



3  Decide which way the causation flows in the following statement: “The best cure for insomnia is to get a good rest” (W. C. Fields). 


4  Identify the informal fallacy that occurs in the following statement:  The only people who would oppose my position are fools and philosophers (to name just one category).


5  Using the facility you are building in thinking at a deeper level, explain the following statement:  “Life is the art of drawing conclusions from insufficient premises” (Samuel Butler).


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