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Sports In American Life Argument Essay:

  • Present an Argument Essay Using the Categorical Pattern of Reasoning on the Emphasis on Sports in American Life.  You Can Argue For or Against this Issue, But be Sure Your Argument is in Categorical Form.  Paying Attention to Both the Validity and Truth so that You Produce a Soundly Reasonable Argument. 
  • Create a Syllogism at the Beginning of Your Essay.  Next Follow With Paragraphs to Support Your Syllogism. (Review Chapters 4, 5 & 6 for more information on syllogisms.)
    • State Your Premise in Your First Paragraph.
    • Support Claim With Facts, Fallacies, Personal Experiences etc. in the Second Paragraph (You may use as many or as few paragraphs as you need to support your argument.)
    • State Your Conclusion Based on Your Facts in Your Last Paragraph.  Be Sure to Use Indicator Words to Draw Your Paper to a Conclusion.  (Indicator words can be found on page 136 in the text.)
  • Example Questions to Get Your Thinking Started:
    • Do Sports Influence American Life? Why or Why Not?
    • Is it a Positive or Negative Influence?
    • How Do Sports Affect Our Children's Lives? The Parents Lives?
  • What Fallacies Can be used in Your Argument to Support Your Premise, Claim, and Conclusion?  You May use any of the Fallacies used in the Text to Argue Your Points and/or Claims.
  • There is NO Requirement for the Number of Pages for This Assignment.  It is Totally up to YOU as to How Many Pages, Words, Paragraphs it Takes YOU to Argue for Your Point of View.
    • Premise, Claim, Conclusion must be in Agreement.


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