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The final paper, is a comprehensive academic essay, which uses primary and secondary sources (12-15 pages long including illustrations, pt. 12 font, double space). It will be based on the midterm research project, focusing on the same site presented in class. In addition to formulating the analysis of the site in writing through the aspects of historical conditions, architectural setting and artistic representations, and religious practice and thought, the paper will require the use and citation of at least two academic articles or books, which were not assigned as readings in the syllabus. The paper should also include a short consideration of the relevant site as it is understood and represented in our own culture today. In preparation for the final paper, students will receive instruction on academic writing from the course’s writing instructor and participate in a peer review workshop. Students are expected to discuss the paper with the professor and the writing instructor at least once before submitting. Further instructions will be given before this assignment is due.   

hello the final paper is my last grade for this courtse and i need  a really good grade in this course so please i need your hardest work. 

i will be posting files 2 papers are reaserch i have one is a presentation i made and another is what he asked for the presentation.

the topic is the dormition abbey in jerusalem. 

he told me after the presentation that i also have to clarify what christian groups manage the church?

mention where mary is burried based on tradition? and why was she at the place of the dormition when she died? 

talk about the churches architecture (towers and walls that loo like a fortress or a city)

what is the interior structure of the church?

what is the relation between the priest and the laity?


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