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Current IHRM Issues Analysis from the Wall Street Journal


A vital source of your learning about very current issues in IHRM this semester and in the future will be from periodicals such as the Wall Street Journal, which is published every working day.

On a regular basis you will read, label, cut out/save digitally, and store articles pertaining to HRM in international and multinational situations today. Sort them into common topic/subject piles, and then carefully analyze three or four of your major topic piles you choose with regard to the significance and important implications of each topic for human resource management success in our global economic environment. (use 3 topics and then find 3 articles for each topic, total 9 articles)


This paper should NOT be merely a descriptive report of the articles in the topic piles that you collect. Rather, you should use sample articles you’ve identified in the course of the semester to illustrate the points you are making on important issues and challenges in international HRM. Your well‑supported viewpoints and opinions should be expressed throughout this paper, with personal language like “in my opinion,” and “I believe that…” The paper should reflect your own discovery experience and newly found insights about the issues and concepts associated with global workforce management that you regularly encounter in the WSJ.  It should NOT include basic definitions and information from the text or class discussions, but should build upon and extend beyond that basic knowledge foundation.  


Your completed paper should be around 9 pages, double‑spaced, with12 pt times new romman.

Begin the paper with an introduction indicating the purpose of the paper, why it is important, the main topics you will cover, and your source of current information (i.e., the Wall Street Journal during this semester). After your introduction provide an initial “Global Context” section in which you analyze the global context in which today’s international human resource management activities are carried out and which may influence current policies and practices. Then follow with an analysis of your three or four major international HR-related topics that you have identified to focus on in this paper based on your regular review of the WSJ. Finally, end with a brief conclusion section. Footnotes are not necessary—in reference to a particular article, you simply can mention the title and date. No particular writing style or format is required other than to use consistent major topic headings for clarity. Also, be sure to proofread your work carefully—don’t let me be the one to find grammatical errors or careless typos! 


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